King Harbor, Redondo Beach, CA
King Harbor is the pleasure boat harbor located in and operated by the city of Redondo Beach, CA. This site is devoted to the people who use King Harbor for boating and boating-related activities.
King Harbor Information

Harbor Commission
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Harry Munns Bio:
My name is Harry Munns. I'm the divorced father of an amazing 7 year old son. I spent 20+ years in the boating business. I currently work as a consultant to various boating related companies and organizations. See my CV.

I've also had extensive training and experience in the computer industry which led me to found two businesses, BookMyFun Online Reservations and South Bay Computers.

I am the Boater's Representative on the Redondo Beach Harbor Commission. Like other city commissioners, I was appointed by the Mayor. My appointment was approved by the City Council.

As far as I know, I'm the only person who has been elected or appointed in the city specifically to represent boaters. I have no allegence to or membership in any local boaters organization. My only agenda is to represent the interests of people who use King Harbor for pleasure boating regardless of whether they are repreented by one of the existing boat oriented organizations.

My boating resume:
Contact Me:

Additional material relating to King Harbor boaters will be added in the near future.
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