King Harbor, Redondo Beach, CA
King Harbor is the pleasure boat harbor located in and operated by the city of Redondo Beach, CA. This site is devoted to the people who use King Harbor for boating and boating-related activities.

King Harbor Information

Harbor Commission
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Entering from Sea
Launching a Trailerable Boat

Approaching King Harbor

You can find the King Harbor buoy

Mo “A”

on a chart or program it into your GPS at:

Latitude:33° 50.8' N
Longitude: 118° 23.9' W

Unless you're coming from the open Pacific, you will approach King Harbor from the north or south along the coast.   You won't be able to plot a straight course to the harbor entrance until you pass Palos Verdes Point south of KH or Point Dume to the north.   Here's how to get there from either direction.

From the North -- Pt. Dume buoy

R “12PD”
Fl R 4s

Lies at approximately…

Latitude: 33° 50.35' N
Longitude: 118° 48.25' W

Your magnetic course will be about 106M.   When you're abeam of the Pt. Dume buoy, you'll be about 22.5 NM from the King Harbor Entrance buoy.  

The largest nearby target you'll see as you make your way toward the harbor entrance will be the two tall red and white horizontally striped smoke stacks at El Segundo. Avoid going blind watching your compass by keeping the stacks a few degrees off your port bow.

Later, the 5 stacks at Redondo Beach will become visible.   That's your target for the last portion of the trip. Eventually, you'll see the huge whale mural on the power plant wall. When you get closer, pick up the entrance buoy.  

From the South -- Palos Verdes Point buoy

R “10PV”
Fl R 4s

Lies at approximately

Latitude: 33° 46.65' N
Longitude: 118° 26.3' W

Your magnetic course will be about 018M.   When you're abeam of the PV buoy, you'll be about 4.75 NM from the King Harbor Entrance buoy.  

You'll see the 5 stacks when you're abeam of the buoy.   They'll make an adequate target until the entrance buoy comes into view.


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Additional material relating to King Harbor boaters will be added in the near future.



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